Moscow Institute of the Petrochemical and Gas Industry

Moscow Institute of the Petrochemical and Gas Industry


(full name, I. M. Gubkin Moscow Institute of the Petrochemical and Gas Industry). The history of the institute began in 1920, when the Moscow Academy of Mines (founded in 1918) began the training of petroleum engineers. In 1930 the petroleum department of the academy became an independent higher educational institution, the I. M. Gubkin Moscow Petroleum Institute, which received its present name in 1958. I. M. Gubkin, A. V. Topchiev, L. S. Leibenzon, F. A. Trebin, M. M. Charygin, and other well-known scientists have worked at the institute.

As of 1973, the institute had departments of gas and oil geology, geophysics and geochemistry, gas and oil industry, mechanics, chemical engineering, automation and computer technology, and industrial economics. It also had evening and correspondence departments; a preparatory division; evening departments in Omsk, Al’met’evsk, and Nebit-Dag; evening general-technical departments in Krasnovodsk and Leninogorsk; a graduate school; 51 subdepartments; 36 sectorial laboratories; and five special problem laboratories. The library has about 800, 000 volumes.

In the 1972–73 academic year there were more than 13, 000 students at the institute, and the teaching staff numbered more than 800, including 80 professors and doctors of sciences and 400 lecturers and candidates of sciences. The institute confers doctoral and candidate’s degrees. It has published Trudy (Transactions) since 1939. From 1930 to 1973 the institute trained more than 22, 000 specialists. The institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1945.


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