Moscow Machine Tool Plant

Moscow Machine Tool Plant


(full name, Sergo Ordzhonikidze Moscow Machine Tool Plant), a large-scale enterprise of the Soviet machine tool industry. It produces automatic lines on which parts are machined to an accuracy of several microns. It was one of the first machine tool plants in the USSR.

Production at the plant began in 1932, and 48 types and sizes of machine tools were manufactured in the first ten years. In October 1941 it was evacuated to the Urals, and the workers who remained produced materials for the front. In 1942, after returning to Moscow, the plant was reconstructed; while continuing to work on necessities for defense, it was being readied for machine tool production. Since 1946 the plant has built unitized machine tools and automatic lines based on them. In 1947 the first 1A225–6 automatic multiple lathes, for rods up to 25 mm in diameter, were produced from an original design. Production of large-scale systems of automatic lines for machining cylinder blocks and heads of automobile and tractor engines began between 1966 and 1973.

The plant’s products have received a high rating at international exhibits and fairs. In 1958, the MR107 automatic section for shaft machining received the Grand Prix medal at the World’s Fair in Brussels. At the Leipzig Fair in 1967, the 1L191 automatic line for machining tractor brackets at the Volgograd Tractor Plant was awarded a gold medal. Certificates and awards have been granted by the Exhibition of the Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR for a number of machine tools. Many machine tools manufactured by the plant are exported to socialist and capitalist countries. The plant’s output in 1973 had increased by a factor of 7.2 compared to 1940.

The Moscow Machine-tool Plant is being modernized (1974). The principal trend in its technical development is toward the design and increased output of modern, progressive equipment —a range of machine tools with digital programmed control, automatic adjustment systems, and adaptive control. The plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1939.


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