Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry

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Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry


one of the leading Soviet educational and scientific centers for training specialists for the food industry and the agricultural procurement system, for food-industry machine building, and for the microbiological industry. It was founded in 1930 from the department of food production of the D. I. Mendeleev Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering and a number of subdivisions of the N. E. Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School.

The founding and development of scientific schools in the institute are associated with such scientists as A. I. Oparin, A. V. Topchiev, P. A. Rebinder, I. I. Artobolevskii, P. M. Silin, A. M. Frolov-Bagreev, M. A. Gerasimov, A. I. Ostrovskii, Ia. N. Kuprits, D. V. Shumskii, S. I. Artobolevskii, A. L. Rapo-port, V. V. Luk’ianov, F. G. Shumaev, V. L. Kretovich, V. N. Bukin, A. V. Lykov, M. M. Gernet, and A. Ia. Sokolov.

As of 1973 the institute had departments of food production, grain storage and processing, mechanics, and engineering economics. It also had an evening department, a department for advanced training of food-industry specialists and instructors at higher educational institutions, a graduate school, a preparatory division, 38 subdepartments, a special-problems laboratory, and seven sectorial laboratories. The library contains 600, 000 volumes. In the 1972–73 academic year, there were about 6, 000 students at the institute, and the teaching staff numbered about 500, including 44 professors and doctors of sciences and 250 docents and candidates of sciences. The institute confers doctoral and candidate’s degrees. It publishes collections of scientific works. Since its founding, the institute has trained about 20, 000 specialists.

The All-Union Correspondence Institute of the Food Industry was founded in 1953 from the correspondence department of the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry. The latter institute was awaded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1973.


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