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(nähmän`ĭdēz), 1194–c.1270, Jewish scholar, exegete, and kabbalist, b. Spain. He wrote commentaries on the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud. A mystic, he rejected part of Maimonides' philosophy but recognized his greatness. He wrote an account of his disputation with the anti-Jewish agitator Pablo Christiani, which took place in the presence of King James I of Aragón. In 1267, Nahmanides settled in Palestine. He is also called Rabbi Moses Ben Nahman (abbreviated to Ramban).


See C. B. Chavel, Ramban (1960).

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Si nous sommes renseignes, du moins en partie, sur la dispute tenue a Barcelone en ete 1263 entre le frere Paul Christiani, un juif converti au nom (et prenom!) evocateur, et le venerable rabbin Moses ben Nachman, il faut souligner le caractere tare et exceptionnel de l'evenement.
(12.) Rabbi Moses ben Nachman also believes, along with a number of modern commentators, that Abraham was dissembling when he let the king believe chat Sarah was his sister and concealed the fact she was his wife.
Ramban (Rabbi Moses ben Nachman, the famed '12th century Talmudist, Biblical commentator, and kabbalist) terms "Love your fellow as yourself" a "haflagah" ("exaggeration").
Nachmanides, known commonly as the Ramban (an acronym for Rabbi Moses ben Nachman), shifts the emphasis in the question from "and He made" to the unusual distance between "He said" and "it was so." Ramban explains (7): this upheaval ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], ha-har-asha) [of Ben Zoma] was not only by He made, since the term is used in the fourth, fifth (8) and sixth day.
This dealt with an encounter in Barcelona in 1263 betweenRabbi Moses Ben Nachman and Pablo Christiani,a Jewish convert to Christianity, about the role of Jesus as a Messiah.