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Dayan, Moshe

(mō`shə dīän`, däyän`), 1915–81, Israeli military leader, b. Palestine. After attending Senior Agricultural School in Nahalal, Dayan fought with the Haganah (Jewish militia) throughout the 1930s and with the British Army during World War II. He lost an eye in battle in 1941, necessitating the eye patch that became his trademark. As Israel's chief of staff (1953–58), he established a reputation as a military strategist by directing the 1956 Sinai campaign against Egypt. Dayan then served as minister of agriculture (1959–64). Appointed minister of defense in 1967, his reputation was enhanced by Israel's military success in the Six-Day War (1967). Despite his increasing influence in foreign affairs, he was blamed for Israel's unpreparedness in the 1973 October War and resigned (May, 1974) with Golda Meir. In 1977 Dayan became foreign minister under Menachem Begin and was largely responsible for successful negotiations that led to the Camp David accordsCamp David accords,
popular name for the peace treaty forged in 1978 between Israel and Egypt at the U.S. presidential retreat at Camp David, Md. The official agreement was signed on Mar. 26, 1979, in Washington, D.C.
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 with Egypt.


See his autobiography (1976); account by his daughter Yael Dayan, My Father, His Daughter (1985).

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Un traEtre aux yeux d'IsraE1/2l Eric Rouleau evoque dans ses "Coulisses" qu'il avait interviewe David Ben Gourion et Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan, Itzhak Rabin et Shimon Peres.
Moshe Dayan was the Andre Malraux of Israel: a handsome, courageous and charismatic military commander (irresistible to women), high-powered government minister and statesman, national hero, amateur archeologist--and robber of precious artifacts.
On May 22nd, Yitzak Rabin, Israel's Chief of Staff, met with Moshe Dayan, Israeli military legend.
I believe that the news channels should not be dominated by those with a Moshe Dayan view on events.
Once the leaders finally came together at Camp David, Begin tried to kill an agreement, but top ministers Moshe Dayan and Ezer Weizman threatened to resign if he refused a deal.
Moshe Dayan, one of Israel's leading generals, was the driving force, back in the 1953, behind an Israeli plan to divert the Jordan River in the north to the arid wastes of the Negev Desert in southern Israel, even though under international law, the river was an international waterway.
Columnist Maan Abu Nawwaar of the Jordanian daily AL RAI suggested on Friday that Israel could be preparing for a "massive military campaign." He cited a statement released by the late Israeli general Moshe Dayan in which he said, "The way Arabs see Israel is not right.
The late General Moshe Dayan, who -- Zionist or not -- remains an honoured part of my own Pantheon of military heroes, allegedly observed that Israel's security depended on its being viewed by others as a mad dog.
Nashif points out Moshe Dayan made a trip to Vietnam in 1967 to ascertain American resolve and found it wanting.
Washington could learn from the wisdom of Moshe Dayan, Israel's legendary soldier and foreign minister.
Senior Fellow, Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University;
The studied insult is alive and well in Israel where Golda Meir told Moshe Dayan: "Don't be so humble.