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see NamibeNamibe
, formerly Mossamedes
, town (1987 est. pop. 77,000), SW Angola, a port on the Atlantic Ocean. Iron ore is the leading export; sisal, cotton, tobacco, frozen meat, hides, and skins are also significant.
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Assim como na Mossamedes retratada por Nascimento (2008), na Terceira Margem, a imagem de espacos frequentados por homens e por mulheres se destaca na observacao das cozinhas repletas de conhecidas; e das rocas, cujo ritmo das atividades segue os passos do pai de familia.
Em 1846 documentos ja afirmavam que o aldeamento de Sao Jose de Mossamedes estava vazio, sendo declarado extinto oficialmente em 1879 (Giraldin 2000: 13).
Entre as fases, se destaca para nosso estudo a fase Mossamedes. Identificada por Schmitz entre as decadas de 1970 e 1980, no estado de Goias, apresenta caracteristicas comuns basicas das tradicoes Aratu e Sapucai, porem expoe tracos que indicam a influencia da Tradicao Uru do Brasil Central, como a utilizacao do antiplastico vegetal (cariape), bases planas de 90[degrees] e grandes pratos possivelmente utilizados no preparo da mandioca (Schmitz et al.
Interessante ressaltar que apesar de notarmos a influencia Uru na ceramica Aratu nesses contextos, nao podemos associa-las a fase Mossamedes descrita por Schmitz et al.
The Portuguese steamer Mossamedes had been wrecked off Cape Frio in a dense fog seven years earlier.
The syndicate acceded to Suskin's request for a small Baby Austin motorcar, and Suskin and the car took passage from Cape Town to Mossamedes un board the Portuguese liner Continental.
Nearby they found eleven more skeletons, and they gave them all as decent a burial as they could Though they continued to search the coast, they never did find any gemstones--at least that is what they told the syndicate--and eventually returned to Mossamedes, and from there, Johannesburg.
In the plant's native Namib and Mossamedes deserts, wind thrashes the leaves into ribbons.
Those who left Brazil for Mossamedes in 1849 and 1850 were assured of land grants and allotments of a per diem and tools and clothing.
Although a previous attempt to colonize Mossamedes with Portuguese immigrants from Pernambuco had failed due to disease and adverse living conditions in 1839, it was reported that recent petitions for government assistance to repeat the experiment were favourably received by the Portuguese Foreign Minister, Antonio Sa de Bandeira.
The problem was solved in 1886 by the murder of Jordaan while on a journey through Ovamboland to Mossamedes. The Ovambo chief Nechale was responsible for this murder, but it was done, so Germans allege, at the instigation of Kamaherero, the Hereto Chief of Okahandja, who nursed a grudge against Jordaan for having, some years before, helped the Hottentots against the Hereros.