Most Significant Bit

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most significant bit

[′mōst sig′nif·i·gənt ′bit]
(computer science)
The left-most bit in a word. Abbreviated msb.
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Most Significant Bit

(MSB) Bit n-1 in an n bit binary number, the bit with the greatest weight (2^(n-1)). The first or leftmost bit when the number is written in the usual way.
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As for HIGHT implementation, a single-bit flip on the most significant bit of X25>3 when the HT is activated requires only 3 injections to recover the secret master key with a success rate of 96%.
In regular arithmetic, when an operation overflows or underflows, the most significant bit is usually truncated.
Keeping the most significant bit plane of the grayscale QR code image unchanged and then replacing the other less significant ones with secret bits could implement information hiding in grayscale QR code image.
The statistical results obtained of capacity, SNR and PSNR for data hiding in most significant bits of cover image pixels are listed in the Table 1.
In the HQAM, data with high priority (HP) are mapped onto the most significant bits (MSBs) of QAM constellation points, and data with low priority (LP) are mapped onto the corresponding least significant bits (LSBs).
The first method is to create a precalculated table of values for the most significant bits of the computing function argument.
Their scheme extracts some of the most significant bits (MSB) from each pixel of the secret image and puts them into the least significant bits (LSB) of each pixel of the cover image.

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