Mother Carey's chicken

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Mother Carey's chicken:

see petrelpetrel
, common name given various oceanic birds belonging, like the albatross and the shearwater, to the order known commonly as tube-nosed swimmers. There are two families of petrels: the storm petrels (Hydrobatidae) and the diving petrels (Pelecanoididae).
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Indie pop duo Mother Carey's Chickens, already well-known in the Midlands, raised the musical bar with one of their own songs.
Name: MOTHER CAREY'S CHICKENS Age: 18 From: Harborne SHANA Carey will be performing with Mother Carey's Chickens, the folk band created by her and her two brothers.
Another Wiggin classic was Mother Carey's Chickens (1911), about a warm-hearted widow who had a great many children.