Mother Lode

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Mother Lode,

belt of gold-bearing quartz veins, central Calif., along the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The term is sometimes limited to a strip c.70 mi (110 km) long and from 1 to 6 1-2 mi (1.6–10.5 km) wide, running NW from Mariposa. Popularly it is used to mean the gold-bearing area E of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and W of the Sierra Nevada. The discovery of alluvial gold on the South Fork of the American River led to the 1848 gold rush. Mark TwainTwain, Mark,
pseud. of Samuel Langhorne Clemens,
1835–1910, American author, b. Florida, Mo. As humorist, narrator, and social observer, Twain is unsurpassed in American literature.
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 and Bret HarteHarte, Bret
(Francis Brett Harte) , 1836–1902, American writer of short stories and humorous verse, b. Albany, N.Y. At 19 he went to California, where he tried his hand at teaching, clerking, and mining.
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 helped make the Mother Lode famous.
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mother lode

[′məth·ər ‚lōd]
A main unit of mineralized matter that may not have economic value but to which workable veins are related.
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Mother Lode

name applied to gold-mining region of California. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 569]
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The Company also controls 445 federal unpatented mining claims on the Mother Lode project which totals approximately 36.5 km2 which it owns 100%.
So go mine The Mother Lode of Career Opportunities at, because that's where the jobs are.
Music Worcester Inc., ever probing for a new mother lode of audience interest in Central Massachusetts, brought the redoubtable Ahn sisters to Tuckerman Hall Wednesday night, for a nifty feast of contemporary "crossover music."
This makes for a sassy mother lode of enjoyment in novel form.
Conversely, if Ashley reacts like a cartoon gold miner hitting the mother lode, and accepts bids for some of our better players for short-term gain, then an American writer called John W Deforest sums it up best - 'It is not the great temptations that ruin us; it is all the little ones'.
So when you hear about virgin 1911s in Marine inventory, it's like finding the mother lode.
EASY STAR ALL-STARS: Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band Verdict: FOLLOWING the hugely acclaimed Dub Side of the Moon (2003) and OK Computer-rebooting Radiodread (2006), producer Michael Goldwasser's collective have turned their reggae-fying machine on the mother lode of the concept album.
hit the mother lode with "The Dark Knight" and scored unexpectedly with "Sex and the City," which helped make up for some turkeys along the way.
The slate of films scheduled for release between spring 2009 and 2012 is rich in characters, a trend that translates to a licensing mother lode for the studios and their licensees across most product categories, but especially toys, games, apparel, publishing and gifts.
This compendium by S&T contributing editor David Ratledge offers a mother lode of practical information for imaging neophytes, but expert sky shooters can pick up a lot of useful tips as well.
Terry Senate and Casey Rigney are both rumored to be headed to that merciful mother lode of skate sponsorship at Cirque du Soleil's Grand Chapiteau.
Investors watched Silverado Gold president and CEO Garry Anselmo talk on CBS about the company's productive Nolan placer gold deposit--and the recently discovered gold-antimony source lode for this deposit that could be the "mother lode" for new mine production and hundreds of new jobs in Alaska.