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mother goddess:

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in ancient Middle Eastern religions, mother goddess, the great symbol of the earth's fertility. She was worshiped under many names and attributes. Similar figures have been known in every part of the world.
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They are a pair: the Mother Goddess and the Father God.
Moon: Aside from the above symbols, in ancient mythology, the moon was also commonly known as the epitome of female power and also mother goddess. The mother goddess and other associated goddesses were always deemed as related to the moon.
| Pilgrims walking the Edo era |stone steps towards Kumano Hongu Taisha, on the Kumano Kodo trail, above, and the powerful deity, Nachi waterfall, considered the mother goddess on the Kumano Kodo trail, below
Many authors utilize a logic of inversion in implying that a universally dominant Great Mother Goddess was forerunner to the patriarchal One-God (Eller 2000: 93 and 103).
In my mind, she is one of the many manifestations of what they call the Mother Goddess, the Goddess of Creation.
She is simply a manifestation of the Nepalese tradition of worshiping pre- pubescent girls seen as human incarnations of the Hindu mother goddess, Durga.
Local media said some 500,000 people had gone to the remote Ratangarh village temple in the Madhya Pradesh district of Datia to honor the Hindu mother goddess Durga on the last day of the popular 10-day Navaratra festival.
In India, the harvest season begins around this time and so 'Mother Goddess' is invoked for renewal of the vigour and fertility of the soil.
Art designs on papyrus, from which the world's first paper came 5,000 years ago, displaying Egyptian alphabet and portraits of Egypt's pharaohs and their queens, including the beauteous Cleopatra and Egyptian mother goddess Isis attract most of the visitors in the pavilion.
Votive offerings and inscribed lead tablets recovered from the baths suggest she was regarded as a life-giving mother goddess and an effective agent against curses invoked by the votaries.
"What you are doing is as great as warriors do." This is the path of the great mother goddess, destroying mountains and creating civilizations.
solitary human, no Mother goddess, a woman derived from a male rib, and