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Mother Lode,

belt of gold-bearing quartz veins, central Calif., along the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The term is sometimes limited to a strip c.70 mi (110 km) long and from 1 to 6 1-2 mi (1.6–10.5 km) wide, running NW from Mariposa. Popularly it is used to mean the gold-bearing area E of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and W of the Sierra Nevada. The discovery of alluvial gold on the South Fork of the American River led to the 1848 gold rush. Mark TwainTwain, Mark,
pseud. of Samuel Langhorne Clemens,
1835–1910, American author, b. Florida, Mo. As humorist, narrator, and social observer, Twain is unsurpassed in American literature.
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 and Bret HarteHarte, Bret
(Francis Brett Harte) , 1836–1902, American writer of short stories and humorous verse, b. Albany, N.Y. At 19 he went to California, where he tried his hand at teaching, clerking, and mining.
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 helped make the Mother Lode famous.

mother lode

[′məth·ər ‚lōd]
A main unit of mineralized matter that may not have economic value but to which workable veins are related.

Mother Lode

name applied to gold-mining region of California. [Am. Hist.: Hart, 569]
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In addition to bottling services for distillers and other producers of spirits, MotherLode bottles "private label" craft spirits for customers who have on-premise or off-premise licenses including retail and liquor stores, bars, restaurants, events, and businesses who want to take advantage of the benefits that come from having their brand clearly printed on a label.
The MotherLode Volleyball Classic is beach doubles volleyball, and the hotel is offering rooms at a special rate of USD109 for stays from August 30 to September 6, 2011, on bookings made by September 1, 2011.
Located in Hatcher Pass, just 50 miles from Anchorage and 15 miles from Palmer and Wasilla, the Motherlode Lodge sits on the banks of the Little Susitna River.
Again, western conservatives are asked to hold their breath in order to win the motherlode of votes in Ontario and Quebec.
Individuals looking for help planning their financial future can tap into this motherlode of knowledge by signing on as a client.
With 12 string and pedal steel guitars well in evidence and Adams in fine vocal fettle, it slides from one bar-room nugget to the next on tales of broken dreams, lost hearts, empty bottles and burned bridges that represent the opening up of a whole new motherlode of songwriting.
After many years spent honing their craft -in much the same way a sushi chef has to dedicate himself to years sharpening his knife to get it just the right thickness to perfectly dismember a smoked salmon - the Benjamins have finally struck the motherlode.
After Second Degree Tampering the collective invited guest editors for She's Fantastical (1995) and Motherlode (1996).
In this stop on the Hip-Hop Legends Festival, Harris paired the touring dancers with local groups: The Oakland-based duo Jerald Lee and Traci Bartlow gave a nod to hip-hop's roots with a jazzy, lindy-hop-influenced series of lifts and shimmies, while fellow Oaklanders New Style Motherlode, dressed in black jumpsuits, offered up a high-stepping, fist-pumping style.
Mahalia seemed to move over mountains and reintroduce me to the motherlode and the mother tongue of folk culture.
Hunting for magnetic energy in intergalactic space, researchers have found an unexpected motherlode of it.