motor neuron disease

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motor neuron disease:

see amyotrophic lateral sclerosisamyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(ALS) or motor neuron disease,
sometimes called Lou Gehrig's disease, degenerative disease that affects motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, preventing them from sending impulses to the muscles.
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Motor Neurone Disease is a rapidly progressive and fatal disease.
Louise has remained strong for Elliot and the charity and has just handed over PS20,000 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association after a string of fundraising events.
Prof John Hardy, of UCL's Institute of Neurology, said: "This is a very exciting finding which not only explains a significant proportion of motor neurone disease and frontal dementia, but also puts RNA biology at the centre of the disease causation"
Dr Huw Morris, based at the MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics at Cardiff University, said: "This work is the culmination of many years' work by doctors and scientists and it is due in large part to the courage and tenacity of many patients facing motor neurone disease.
The married mother-of-two has listed the item as a "new sporty unique art rare motor neurone disease 4 sale.
Another batch would have the gene that causes motor neurone disease injected into them to see how the disease developed.
Jody's fund for the Motor Neurone Disease Association has topped PS14,000.
In a statement, the club said: "The club was devastated to hear of the passing of one of its former favourites Scott Bell this morning, following a long battle with Motor Neurone Disease.
The Motor Neurone Disease Association continuously attempts to raise awareness of the complex disease and the effect it has on sufferers.
THE Merseyside Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association will host its anniversary ball at Aintree Racecourse on Saturday, May 18.
The Holmfirth teenager will raise money in memory of his father who died of Motor Neurone Disease.