motor neuron disease

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motor neuron disease:

see amyotrophic lateral sclerosisamyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(ALS) or motor neuron disease,
sometimes called Lou Gehrig's disease, degenerative disease that affects motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, preventing them from sending impulses to the muscles.
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"Everyone knows about other diseases such as cancer but nobody really knows about motor neurone disease."
"Rest in peace Bellveccio." Since being diagnosed in 2011, Scott, his family and friends have raised nearly PS80,000 for Motor Neurone Disease research through the Scott Bell Fund.
The married mother-of-two has listed the item as a: "new sporty unique art rare motor neurone disease 4 sale."
Motor neurone disease is a common neurodegenerative disease, causing progressive weakness and wasting of muscles.
special tribute to the former Rangers captain, who has Motor Neurone Disease. being split equally four ways between Fernando, his daughter Isabella, Motor Neurone Disease Scotland and the Rangers Charity Foundation.
Steph Wilkinson of Warkworth, Northumberland - whose husband Roger died of Motor Neurone Disease in 2010 - helped organise the sale held in the village.
A TERMINALLY ill former semi-pro footballer will defy doctors by running the London Marathon tomorrow - with Motor Neurone Disease.
Keith will be cycling from Southam to Plymouth to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
The money raised, which it is hoped will be as much as pounds 16,000, will go towards a trust fund, set up by the Community Neurological Team, specifically for people with motor neurone disease.
The married mother-of- two has listed the item as a 'new sporty unique art rare motor neurone disease 4 sale.'
To say Motor Neurone Disease is frightening is an understatement and intense research is going on to try to find the cause and a cure.
Birmingham University is to be at the forefront of research to establish the causes of motor neurone disease.