Mount Allison University

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Mount Allison University,

at Sackville, N.B., Canada; nonsectarian; founded 1839; opened 1843 as Mount Allison Wesleyan Academy; Mount Allison College organized 1862. It achieved university status in 1913. It has faculties of arts, science, and social, and its research centers include a coastal wetlands institute and a center for Canadian studies.
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Books about dinosaurs and outer space as a child gave way to university courses on astronomy, botany, microbiology, and earth systems science at Mount Allison University in Canada, a two-year stint at the National Research Council of Canada, and the MIT-WHOI Joint Program.
Caption: Tyson MacCormack of Mount Allison University researches the effects of nanoparticles on aquatic ecosystems, using the common white suckerfish as his test animal.
Combining his love for sports by playing American football and his interest in the sciences, Steve attended Mount Allison University where he completed his undergraduate degree in biochemistry.
For example, Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, gets about 40 per cent of what it serves in its University Dining Hall from the maritime region.
Nancy Vogan, Professor Emerita, Mount Allison University
Added to the list are the City of Ottawa (I was pleased to see a police recruit sporting an impressive display of medals), the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., and Cabela, a national sporting goods store specializing in hunting and fishing.
Editors Harris and Waterman are affiliated, respectively, with Mount Allison University, Canada, and New York University, US.
Duffy said he was influenced by Robert Hawkes, one of his professors at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick: "He just had a great way of relating to students," Mr.
in literature, Mount Allison University at Sackville, New Brunswick
Brooks is a former quarterback with the Mount Allison University Mounties.
Mount Allison University, 63B York St., Sackville, New Brunswick, E4L 1E4
She was already 21 when she and two fellow voice students at Mount Allison University decided that since none had actually seen a live opera, they would spend a weekend in New York.