Ida Mountains

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Ida Mountains:

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, anc. Ida Mts., range, NW Turkey, SE of the location of ancient Troy. Mt. Gargarus (5,797 ft/1,767 m) is the highest point. The mountain was dedicated in ancient times to the worship of Cybele who was therefore sometimes called Idae Mater.
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We saw where Agamemnon's fleets rendezvoused, and away inland a mountain which the map said was Mount Ida.
So to the Silvan Lodge They came, that like POMONA'S Arbour smil'd With flourets deck't and fragrant smells; but EVE Undeckt, save with her self more lovely fair Then Wood-Nymph, or the fairest Goddess feign'd Of three that in Mount IDA naked strove, Stood to entertain her guest from Heav'n; no vaile Shee needed, Vertue-proof, no thought infirme Alterd her cheek.
When I rode across the Troad from the Dardanelles to Hissarlik and Mount Ida, I noticed that my dragoman and his men did all our outdoor cooking exactly in the Odyssean and Iliadic fashion.
Representatives from Mount Ida College, Pixelwerx, Southwestern Blueprint, and Arna Marketing enhanced the conversation by participating in on-stage interviews where they each had the opportunity to share their unique perspective on the Canon approach and how it helps advance their organizations.
When President Barry Brown took on his role at Mount Ida College in Newton, Mass, a few years ago, his goal was to spread the word about the career-focused education that his institution had developed over time, but of which not many people were aware.
Walkers will venture to Mount Ida, the "Mountain of the Goddess", in Cowbridge.
Former Insurance Agency owner, Steve Stanridge of Mount Ida, Arkansas has been indicted on 12 counts of Federal Felony related to fraud, money laundering and making false statements to a financial institution.
Martin (English, Mount Ida College) and Samels, an attorney specializing in higher education, offer best practices and action plans for university leaders to achieve major sustainability goals and objectives.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 6, 2012-Red Rock Resources agrees sale of part of Mount Ida royalty interest(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
It was fall of 2008, and I had been appointed director of the newly created Mount Ida College Honor Scholars Program (HSP).
Jupiter Mines Limited (ASX:JMS) has commenced a Feasibility Study on the Mount Ida Magnetite Project in Western Australia.
He is the son of Priam and Hecuba, a descendant of Dardanus, who lived under Mount Ida, and of Tros, the founder of Troy.