Yu Shan

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Yu Shan


Mount Morrison,

13,113 ft (3,997 m) high, S Taiwan; highest peak on the island. It was first ascended in 1896 by a Japanese expedition.

Yü Shan


the highest peak on the island of Taiwan, in China. Yü Shan, which has an elevation of 3,997 m (according to some sources, 3,950 m), is composed of schists and quartzites and has a sharp alpine crest. Dense broad-leaved and coniferous forests are found on the slopes.

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Taiwan's Yushan (Mount Jade) could see the first snowfall of the season late Wednesday night or early next morning if conditions are right, forecast Meteorologist Daniel Wu.
The designer was commended for using contour lines of Yushan (Mount Jade) as the card's shaded background.
The ban follows a series of investigations into the poor performance of Egan's mount Jade Ruyi in the Ruby Handicap at Happy Valley on January 9.
The trip was tiring and risky, but 'our heart was filled with satisfaction and joy,' India-Taipei Association Director-General Sridharan Madhusudhanan said of his experience of hiking to the summit of Yushan (Mount Jade), Taiwan's highest mountain.