Mount Rainier

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Rainier, Mount:

see Mount Rainier National ParkMount Rainier National Park
, 235,625 acres (95,395 hectares), SW Wash., in the Cascade Range; est. 1899. The area is dominated by Mt. Rainier, a volcanic peak 14,410 ft (4,392 m) high.
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Rainier, Mount


a dormant volcano in the USA, the highest peak of the Cascade Mountains. It rises to an elevation of 4,392 m. There are coniferous forests, including fir and pine forests, at the foot and lower slopes of the volcano. At elevations of 2,600–2,800 m there are alpine meadows, and at even higher elevations there is an area of perennial snows and glaciers (total glacial area, 140 sq km). Mount Rainier last erupted in 1882.

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Mount Rainier

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Reynon favors Tacoma (or alternate spellings such as Tahoma and Tacoba), which he said means "place of frozen water" in his language, as the name for the peak in Mount Rainier National Park, but he plans to meet with representatives of other tribes to reach a consensus on a single alternate name to propose.
I was especially fascinated by two seemingly opposite locations--deep underground in Mammoth Cave and high above sea level on Mount Rainier.
They have developed systems to warn people in surrounding communities of eruptions or dangerous mudflows, which could happen at Mount Rainier even without an eruption.
He married and purchased a farm in the Yakima Valley; he belonged to Washington's good roads movement to promote economic development and tourism; and he helped found the Seattle Mountaineers Club as well as chair the Mount Rainier Advisory Board.
Among the topics are growing up and joining the gold rush, growing the Washington State Good Roads Association, Mount Rainier and founding and leaving The Mountaineers, founding and leading the Rainier National Park Advisory Board, climbing and photographing on the Olympic Peninsula, and working and living in the later years.
Jeff Cheatham grew up in southeast Seattle, and still lives in Mount Rainier's shadow.
Agerholm and her husband John of Mount Rainier, Maryland.
Six climbers on Mount Rainier likely fell thousands of feet to their deaths in what would be among the worst alpine accidents ever on the iconic Washington mountain, the US media report.
Seattle, Sha'ban 3, 1435, Jun 1, 2014, SPA -- Six climbers on Mount Rainier likely fell thousands of feet to their deaths in what would be among the worst alpine accidents ever on the iconic Washington state mountain.
Columbia River Valley & Mount Rainier National Park ?
Superintendent Ely Pintang chief of the Quezon City District Traffic Enforcement Group (QCDTEG) identified the fatality in the 5:30 am incident as Alfonso Mallari, 72, a resident of Mount Rainier St.
Angelo Figueroa and his spouse, Kristine, were recognized as Good Samaritan Award recipients at the Mount Rainier Chapter Red Cross Heroes breakfast in Tacoma, Washington, for their quick action in June after witnessing a terrible automobile accident.

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