Mount Wilson

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Wilson, Mount,

peak, 5,710 ft (1,740 m) high, S Calif., in the San Gabriel Mts., NE of Pasadena. It is the site of Mt. Wilson Observatory (est. 1904), one of the Hale Observatories. A 100-in. (254-cm) reflecting telescope there, no longer in use, was once the world's largest.
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At the time Einstein made his ascent to Mount Wilson, Pasadena was not yet 60 years old, but it was already rising to scientific prominence.
The location of the Mount Wilson observatory was also instrumental in the creation of the California Institute of Technology as a premier research university in a remarkably short time, with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Robert Millikan as president and with Hale as an important advisor and recruiter of talent.
An astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts, Baliunas is also the deputy director of the Mount Wilson Institute in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Pasadena, California.
It has been an open secret in the profession of urban history that Los Angeles County created one of the first countywide planning commissions in the nation; that the city and county adopted a uniform street plan in the 1920s; that the city elected the first African American to the California state legislature; that the area created an enlightened scheme for metropolitan government in the Lakewood Plan; and that people from its suburb of Pasadena provided leadership for everything from the reinvention of Throop Institute into the California Institute of Technology to the creation of the Mount Wilson and Palomar observatories.
Their site is on the flanks of Mount Wilson, and they wanted a house that would cater for their own needs (and those of occasional guests); a detached studio was required that could be used almost as a retreat from the retreat.
In addition to the boardinghouse and mine ruins, you can walk through many of the turn-of-the-century buildings that sit on a forested ridge offering spectacular views of Mount Wilson. Visitors should leave the buildings as they found them, taking care not to disturb the artifacts.
Meanwhile, back in the San Gabriels, I have taken a sentimental journey up to Mount Wilson to view dead trees.
To give this some perspective, it was nigh on 1929 when Edwin Hubble of Mount Wilson Observatory worked out a linear relationship between distant galaxies and their velocity of recession from Earth by means of a Doppler-Fizeau effect.
Chatswood doctor Chris Dalton, 57, and Mosman doctor Paul Bates, 58, were found in one of the canyon systems near Mount Wilson. It was around 10 am when the State Emergency Service team was able to voice contact the missing men.
Jurasevich, Mount Wilson Observatory, discovered and reported that H-alpha CCD images taken on 2007 June 19.22 and 2008 July 6.17 UT, using an Astro-Physics 160EDF apochromatic refractor + SBIG STL-11000M CCD camera + 6nm Tru-Balance H-alpha filter, reveal a near-spherical shell of gas, located within a faint H II region near NGC 6888, that was apparently not noticed (or published) previously due to the density of stars and gas in that area of Cygnus.
They now say the blaze is 22 per cent contained, and officials are hopeful the flames will not reach Mount Wilson, a key telecommunications site.
Californian fire crews set backfires and sprayed fire retardant near Mount Wilson, home to at least 20 television transmission towers, radio and cell phone antennas and the 100-year-old Mount Wilson Observatory.