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see Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceRoyal Canadian Mounted Police,
constabulary organized (1873) as the Northwest Mounted Police to bring law and order to the Canadian west. In 1920 the name was changed to the present title.
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To demonstrate the role of the Mounties, I compared settlements that in the late 1890s were near Mountie forts with those that were not.
The Mounties use about 120 hours of ice time per year.
The popular fascination with the Mountie may have begun in the purple prose of these press commentaries, but by the 1890s it had taken firm grasp of the popular fiction market when both Canadian and American writers depicted Mounties in their adventure tales of the Canadian northwest.
Despite his age of 37, he said he has stayed fit by chasing his two-year-old around the house and is ready to go back to the Mounties immediately.
Freshman Nick Suniga had three hits, including a double and a triple, for the Mounties, driving in an insurance run in the seventh.
The Rangers and the Mounties maintained industrial peace, limited unionization efforts, and aided smooth mining operations.
Kane's breakaway shot sailed just wide right, and Gontijo's boot off a corner kick was seized by Mounties netminder Than Finan (5 saves).
A FORMER Canadian Mountie yesterday took charge of the office set up to investigate complaints against police.
The Mounties overcame Blue Jets 21-14 in the semi-finals and went on to tame the Giants 40-0, Blue Jets overcoming Giants 6-0 in the second-place play-off.
Mounted Police Professional Association, an unofficial group representing Mounties who favour unionizing--about 10 per cent of B.
They wore their dress uniforms to make their vows in front of a magistrate and about 100 guests, including other uniformed Mounties.
This is a vivid book full of the numerous stories detailing the lives and deaths of Canada's Mounties from 1873 to 2005.