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What does it mean when you dream about moving?

As a dream symbol, moving can indicate “moving up” in life or in one’s state of consciousness. It can also suggest changes in the dreamer’s life, especially if the person is moving into or out of a house.

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As long as any part of me remained in his dominion and in his view, the King kept exclaiming, "I see you, I see you still; you are not moving.
Instead of moving, you merely exercise some magic art of vanishing and returning to sight; and instead of any lucid description of your new World, you simply tell me the numbers and sizes of some forty of my retinue, facts known to any child in my capital.
that moving procession that has left me by the road-side
It is greater than the stars--that moving procession of human energy; greater than the palpitating earth and the things growing thereon.
Snagsby, if I don't lock him up this time, will you engage for his moving on?
Guppy, moving across the small apartment, "the humble individual who now addresses you received that young lady in London when she first came here from the establishment to which you have alluded.
There he sits, the sun going down, the river running fast, the crowd flowing by him in two streams--everything moving on to some purpose and to one end--until he is stirred up and told to "move on" too.
com)-- Moving help and review site Moving Guardian is encouraging senior citizens to browse its moving company ratings directory's growing collection of specialty discounts, which can be found at http://MovingGuardian.
The moving firm's reputation, size, resources, availability and performance on similar moves should all be researched.
Nevertheless, many casting practices involve moving parts directly in contact with liquid metal.
Teenagers who have recently moved are more likely than others to begin having premarital sex, but moving itself--which has adverse consequences on a range of adolescent behaviors--does not explain the adoption of this behavior.
If it never arrived then it is not moving toward it, rather, it is moving toward the place where it arrives.

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