moving pictures

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moving pictures:

see motion picturesmotion pictures,
movie-making as an art and an industry, including its production techniques, its creative artists, and the distribution and exhibition of its products (see also motion picture photography; Motion Picture Cameras under camera).
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We at RnM Moving Pictures are very excited to step into this new role and start working on the project.
In 1912, for example, the Day Book of Chicago noted that "some bright youngster gave moving pictures an apt, vivid name, and it has spread all over the United States.
8) The following year, Moving Picture World criticized the poor visual quality of many then-current travelogues, and the "comparatively little judgment exercised in selecting what is most enjoyable [for an audience to view].
As she explains, projected moving pictures offered substitutes for expensive and difficult theatrical scenes (such as horseback and automobile rides to the rescue), entertained audiences during scene changes, and created magic tricks that defied real-world constraints.
In 2004, the Indianapolis-based fest adapted the tagline "Truly Moving Pictures.
Let me see, what about blues, jazz, rock & roll, moving pictures, television?
History In The Media: Film And Television provides college-level readers with a powerful survey of over three hundred historically-based films from moving pictures to modern times.
Moving Pictures cinema club was set up by the Rev David Herbert of St Cuthbert's United Reform Church in North Sunderland, near Seahouses, in Northumberland, to provide more entertainment for villagers in the rural community.
The DMX-C6 achieves TV-quality VGA 30fps moving pictures and 6.
These new applications require much higher storage capacity of HD media for handling sounds and moving pictures.
This need to develop an aesthetic of moving pictures is not something that will be limited to advertising displays.
Collishaw brings this tale to life by transposing the interior space of the nineteenth-century illustration into moving pictures with a contemporary urban setting.