Moving Coil

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Moving Coil


in low-frequency measurement technology, a component of moving-coil measuring systems that is used in light-beam oscillographs and moving-coil galvanometers. A moving coil is a light coil of wire that is located between the poles of a permanent magnet. In a galvanometer, the moving coil is suspended from very thin metallic ribbons; in an oscillograph, it consists of a very thin wire to which a small mirror is attached.

When a current flows through a moving coil, the coil is deflected in the magnetic field. In moving-coil galvanometers, the magnitude of the deflection is read by means of a microscope. In light-beam oscillographs, it is read on the basis of the deflection of a light beam reflected from the mirror.


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The electric signal generated by the moving coil is expressed in terms of magnetic flux density, length of coil wire and velocity of the coil as;
Bose has developed technical strengths in electromagnetics, materials science and motion control that have culminated in high-performance linear actuators using moving coil motor designs (e.g., audio transducers).
Still, many of us found the still more detailed, open sound of moving coils seductive.
The FAST motor is a dc motor with a permanent magnet and a moving coil. The moving coil distinguishes this motor from those that have iron in the rotor.
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