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His determination to find a reel is what sparked his obsession with finding more pieces and starting a moving image collection.
Located on the first floor of Middle East Communication Network's (MCN) Hive building in Tecom, it's one of only a handful of museums in the world focusing on the history of the moving image, and is the only museum of its kind in the Middle East.
Dubai: One man's passion for visual entertainment has given Dubai a new destination for anyone fascinated with the idea of capturing moving images.
Television Junction co-managing director Yvonne Davies said: "The WeVee project will fuse traditional archive footage and the new digital technologies to open up the wealth of moving image archive to a new audience.
After acquiring several artefacts since the last 20 years Mr Miknas is now planning a moving image museum in Bahrain.
These new developments suggest fascinating implications for the cultural heritage community involved in the work of moving image preservation and access.
We have given more course time to animation and moving image production this year and have seen excellent work produced by all of our students.
A THX-compliant sound system and pretty much everything necessary to project any kind of moving image in any format.
Another North East festival AV Fest, featuring digital music and moving image, also attracts hundreds of national and international delegates.
The Museum of the Moving Image has unveiled the design for a $25 million renovation and expansion of its facility in Astoria, New York.
Nicola McCullough of Bede College won the Gold award in creative writing; Helen Marshall, Andrea Morgan, Jennifer McKay, Steven Ford and Peter Hiscox of Bede College worked as a team to gain silver in the on-line advanced level quiz level 3; Middlesbrough College won gold in level 2 video/moving image and bronze in level 3 video and moving image.