a machine for mowing and simultaneously shredding and loading planted and natural grasses into vehicles and for harvesting farm crops for silage. The USSR produces two models: the KIK-1.4 and KIR-1.5.

The KIK-1.4 machine consists of a frame with a shredder and removable attachments: a mower with a finger-type cutter for cutting low-stalk crops; a double-row corn harvester for harvesting high-stalk crops; a picker for picking up windrows of grass; and a cutting trough that is mounted on the mower-shredder when it is used as a stationary straw-and-silage cutter. When the mower-shredder is in operation the cut plants (or those picked up from windrows) are transported by a conveyor to the shredder,

Table 1. Mowers produced in the USSR
 KSKh-2 1A
KSKh-2 1B
KSP-2 1
KSP-2 1A
KFN-2 1KZN-2 1KNU-6KPS-6 10
Number of cutters ..........111135
Total operating width, m ..........
Power, kW (hp) ..........3 (4)3 (4)3 (4)3 (4)9 (12)15 (20)
Productivity, hectares/hr ..........1.41.421.421.733.367.76

whose blades shred them; they are then discharged through an unloading pipe into a vehicle.

The KIR-1.5 machine has a cutting drum-shredder and mower-type cutter. It operates in the same way as the KIK-1.4. The working elements of the mower-shredder are driven by a takeoff shaft from a tractor; it can produce 15–45 tons/hr.

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