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A dramatic situation ensued during the flight when it emerged that the Mozambicans had neither entry visas nor rights of free movement in South Africa, so that they were unable to remain at the airport in Johannesburg.
The driver had wedged four large stones under the wheels of the passenger train to keep it from sliding down the hill, but the stones apparently came loose and the train barrelled down the tracks into the freight train, said Antonio Libombo, an official with the Mozambican Railway Company.
The Mozambican government estimated that about 27% of Mozambique's population, or 4.
Mozambicans of all walks of life, including politicians, have welcomed the initiative.
Here Harries points out that one of the consequences of the migrant labour system whose establishment he has chronicled, was: 'to turn the region [of Mozambique] south of the [river] Save into the cradle of Mozambican nationalism' (p.
Over a six-month period, more than 70,000 Mozambicans sought refuge in five districts inside Malawi (Dedza, Ntcheu, Chikwawa, Nsanje and Mulanje), bringing their estimated total in the country to 100,000.
Most dramatically, it has resulted in thousands of deaths, mainly among children, the innocent victims of the brutal civil war waged since the early 1980s by the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), a South African-supported guerrilla force.
The Government of Malawi is considering reopening Luwani refugee camp, which previously hosted refugees from Mozambique during the civil war (1977 -1992), when over a million Mozambican refugees fled to neighbouring Malawi.
Violence revived in the post-colonial country last May when Renamo attacked government forces, and tension between the two sides ratcheted up after Mozambican troops stormed Renamo's main base in the mountainous Gorongosa region, where its leader Afonso Dhlakama had been staying, last October.
LeFanu, Sarah, S is for Samora: A lexical biography of Samora Machel and the Mozambican dream.
Summary: Maputo, July 13, 2010, SPA -- Mozambique officials said Tuesday they will do everything possible to protect the lives of the more than 3 million Mozambican nationals living and working in South Africa amid fresh threats of a new wave of xenophobic attacks, dpa reoprted.
In 2008, 538 Mozambican citizens and 10 foreign nationals were indicted for drug use or trafficking stemming from 480 investigations.