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Mozart Festival (Mozartfest)

The only time Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) spent in Würzburg was when he stopped there for some coffee while traveling between Salzburg and Frankfurt, but the German city has hosted a Mozart Festival in early summer each year since 1922, with the exception of a nine-year interruption during and after World War II. Daily concerts of Mozart's symphonies, concertos, sonatas, motets, sacred vocal works, and operas are performed from early June to early July, with little repetition due to the vast number of such works.
Würzburg's churches, palaces, and fortresses often serve as locations for the concerts, the most impressive being Prince Bishop's Residence, considered one of Europe's most stunning baroque palaces. Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik is performed on Saturday evenings in the torchlit garden of the Residence, while indoor concerts are given in the elaborate baroque Kaisersaal (Imperial Hall), which has a ceiling fresco painted by Giovanni Tiepolo (1696-1770), the great Italian artist.
Musical groups that have performed at past festivals include the Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bambert Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Chamber Orchestra, and the Amadeus Quartet.
Haus zum Falken, Marktplatz 9
Wurzburg, 97070 Germany
49-931-372-33-6; fax: 49-931-373-93-9
MusFestEurBrit-1980, p. 102
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Sandwiched between this MozartFest was Schubert's rare Concert Rondo for Violin and Orchestra, Waley-Cohen both touching and bravura-proud in a nondescript work where if you nodded off for a couple of minutes you wouldn't have missed anything.
The City of Augsburg, with its established annual Mozartfest, provided the first impulse leading to a welcome success on the European cultural stage.
Onay's many festival appearances include Berlin, Warsaw, Granada, Mozartfest Wurzburg, Newport, Miami, Schleswig-Holstein and Ist
The Mozartfest in November brings yet more musicians and artists to Bath from around the globe, and the Literature Festival in March offers readings and workshops with top authors.
The three-day Michigan Mozartfest held in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in November 1989 was just such a forum, mixing a scholarly symposium with concerts of the concertos performed by leading American players on copies of period instruments.
This collection of essays emanated from the Michigan MozartFest held at the University of Michigan in 1989, a festival including concerto performances on the fortepiano and a conference of musicologists, theorists, and critics.