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(MegaBits or MegaBytes per SECond) One million bits or bytes per second. Mbps is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed. The correct abbreviation is "b" for bits and "B" for bytes; however, "b" and "B" are often interchanged. See space/time, Kbps and Gbps.

Lower case "b" - Mbps, Mb/sec, Mb/s
Megabits per second is used to rate serial data transmission such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Upper case "B" - MB/sec, MB/s
Megabytes per second is used to rate parallel data transfers such as from memory to disk.
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Recently, Du upgraded its network to DC-HSPA+ technology and launched 42 Mpbs mobile broadband services to its customers in the country.
A l'inverse, le titre TGH recule de 3,33 % a 0,29 D tout comme MPBS et ATL qui ont baisse respectivement de 2,83 % et 2,68 % a 5,15 D et 1,81 D.
Tenders are invited for Installation of Point to Point Leased Line (34 Mpbs) from Nabanna to 3, Commissariat Road for NIC West Bengal : 2nd Call Job No: IT/OW/04 of 15-16
AMS gagne 2,89% a 0,71 DT, tout comme pour le titre MPBS qui a affiche un accroissement de 2,83% a 5,45 DT.
En baisse, le titre MPBS recule de 2.91 % a 5.33 TND tout comme ASSAD et BH qui ont baisse respectivement de 2.71 % et 0.63 % a 7.52 TND et 12.44 TND.
Amtrak would like to ditch the 10 Mpbs cellular-based Wi-Fi service that frustrates train travellers on its 457-mile Washington-Boston service with slow speeds for trackside access points to offer broadband speeds to support streaming and fat file downloads.
Dans le rouge, MPBS recule de 4,33 % a 5,52 D, tout comme pour les titres TAWASSOL GROUP HOLDING et AIR LIQUIDE qui se sont replies respectivement de 3,22 % et 3 %, a 0,30 D et 87,30 D.
In nominal operation, an air mass flow 1.5 kg / s and a pressure of 0.9 MPbs. required at the output of the charge air pressure air supply system (the electric motor Abschalthahn to memory pressure).
A la hausse, MONOPRIX enregistre un accroissement de 3.65% a 6.53 TND suivi par les deux titres MPBS et ATB qui ont avance respectivement de 3.64 % de 3.0 % a 5.69 TND et 3.09 TND.
A la hausse, MPBS avance de 3.92 % a 5.30 TND suivi par les deux titres TAWASSOL GROUP HOLDING et SANIMED qui grimpent respectivement de 3.57 % de 3.03 % a 0.29 TND et 1.70 TND .