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(MegaBits or MegaBytes per SECond) One million bits or bytes per second. Mbps is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed. The correct abbreviation is "b" for bits and "B" for bytes; however, "b" and "B" are often interchanged. See space/time, Kbps and Gbps.

Lower case "b" - Mbps, Mb/sec, Mb/s
Megabits per second is used to rate serial data transmission such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Upper case "B" - MB/sec, MB/s
Megabytes per second is used to rate parallel data transfers such as from memory to disk.
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Across the western United States, the MPB has affected more than 23 million acres (Hubbard et al.
For assessment of immunoreactivity in ELISA the particular proteins (diluted with 20 g/L MPBS) were applied to microtiter plates coated with particular antigens at 4 [degrees]C overnight and blocked with 50 g/L MPBS at room temperature for 1 h.
544 Mpbs is necessary for some real-time interactive emergency and diagnostic-quality video applications.
Tenders are invited for Single Mode Double Fibre Media Converter Optical To Ethernet 10/100 Mpbs Make Mro-Tek/D-Link/Tp-Link.
The network upgrade coincides with the mobile operator's launch of broadband dongles and home and business broadband routers that can give speeds of up to 42 Mpbs.
Because there is no evidence that potential health effects would be restricted to MPBS frequency bands," it said.
The company's solutions deliver native TDM + Ethernet on a single link with up to 100 Mpbs throughput, at ranges of up to 120 Km/75 miles.
2 Mpbs - the fastest available in the Kingdom -- and boosts Batelco's extensive variety of world-class products and services," Al Janahi pointed out.
Mpbs - megabits per second - are used to measure data transfer speeds.
Recently, Du upgraded its network to DC-HSPA+ technology and launched 42 Mpbs mobile broadband services to its customers in the country.
100 Mpbs compact IP encryption for mobile, airborne, tactical dismounted, and infrastructure networks
5 Mpbs to the showrooms, allowing the company to transfer and replicate large amounts of data and complete customer transactions over a secure, reliable network.