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Punch and Judy,

famous English puppet play, very popular with children and given widely by strolling puppet players, especially during the Christmas season. It came to England in the 17th cent. by way of France from Italy and developed out of the commedia dell'artecommedia dell'arte
, popular form of comedy employing improvised dialogue and masked characters that flourished in Italy from the 16th to the 18th cent. Characters of the Commedia Dell'Arte
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 character, Pulcinella. To this traditional figure of the Italian comedy were added aspects of the medieval English foolfool
or court jester,
a person who entertains with buffoonery and an often caustic wit. In all countries from ancient times and extending into the 18th cent., mental and physical deformity provided amusement.
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. Punch, a hunchback, with a hooked nose and chin and a pot belly, was the cruel and boastful husband of a nagging wife, Judy, whom he often beat and in many versions killed. The language of the play is coarse and often satirical. The text was first written down and printed by J. P. Collier in 1827.


See G. Baker's Playing With Punch (1944); P. Fraser, Punch and Judy (1970).

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I had a request saying: 'Could Mr Punch please make sure his stick is not used because he has a duty of care to the vulnerable'," Mr Edwards said.
THIS brass figure of Mr Punch holding a cup in one hand and a quill in the other would have been mounted on the counter of a tobacconist, and attached to a gas supply.
Mr Punch entertained the youngsters and in between shows there was balloon art to enjoy.
Not forgetting the fantastic Russian version of Mr Punch.
Mr Punch has been entertaining kids for 400 years - but has finally fallen victim to the new drinking laws, which also insist all entertainers have a licence.
This sheet has the hapless tragi-comic ancestor of Mr Punch, characteristically masked and white-hatted, amid a boisterous procession on its way to church for his wedding, but does his bride pay him any heed?
Brian, also known as Mr Punch, said: "We wanted a number plate to give the van that little bit extra but it has inspired us in other ways.
Mr Punch Audio Ltd, Sunday Mail Free Audio Book Offer, 139 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SU.
Arch villain Mr Punch has become a tracksuit-wearing benefits cheat while Judy is an aspiring footballer's wife.
Glyn Edwards, 68, claimed bureaucrats told him the toy truncheon used by famous character Mr Punch might offend the "vulnerable".
MERSEYSIDERS have had a long-standing love affair with Punch and Judy, with the Codman family having staged shows in Liverpool - at Lime Street and, laBut Mr Punch can be tracedter, St George's Plateau and Williamson Square - from the 1860s to the mid-1980s.
Mr Punch said: "She's obviously distraught, more than words.