Mrevlishvili, Mikhail Nikolaevich

Mrevlishvili, Mikhail Nikolaevich


Born Aug. 6 (19), 1904, in Oni, western Georgia. Soviet Georgian writer. Honored Art Worker of the Georgian SSR (1961). Member of the CPSU since 1951.

Mrevlishvili’s first work, the novel Inon, was published in 1926. He is the author of the novella Kharateli’s Hearth (1947; his play of the same name was published in 1954), the collection Tbilisi Stories (1964), the novel Dangerous Turn (1964), and other works dealing with modern Georgia and Soviet young people. Mrevlishvili is also a playwright. His plays include Nikoloz Baratashvili (1949) and Avalanche (1956), both about the postwar Georgian village, and the historical drama Fiery Dreamer (1957), about A. S. Griboedov. Mrevlishvili’s works have been translated into Russian and other languages of the peoples of the USSR. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.


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