Microsoft SQL Server

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Microsoft SQL Server

A relational database management system (RDBMS) which is part of Microsoft's BackOffice family of servers. SQL Server was designed for client/server use and is accessed by applications using SQL. It runs on Windows NT version 3.5 or higher and is compliant with the ANSI SQL-92 and FIPS 127-2 SQL standards.

SQL Server supports symmetric multiprocessing hardware; SNMP, ODBC, and major open standard communications protocols. It has Internet integration, data replication, and data warehousing features.

Microsoft SQL Server was originally developed by Sybase Corporation but the cooperation was broken sometime before version 6.0.

Latest version: 7.0.

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Microsoft SQL Server

A relational DBMS from Microsoft that is a major component of the Windows Server System. It is Microsoft's high-end client/server database and is closely integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft Office System. Numerous editions are available, including those for Enterprise, Developer, Workgroup and 64-bit platforms.

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SQL Server was originally developed by Sybase and also sold by Microsoft for OS/2 and Windows NT. In 1992, Microsoft began development of its own version, but acknowledged Sybase as copyright holder of origin until 1994. Future revisions diverged in 1995 when Sybase renamed its product Adaptive Server Enterprise as a means of differentiation (see ASE).
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Together with AppEngine and ViewEngine (for the technological process) and MSSQL database system.
For those sites using ASP combined with Microsoft database such as Access or MSSQL, the host as a rule, runs Windows[R] and its native web server.
In the above context, the main obligations of the prospective contractor to meet the core objectives of the project, both by providing the corresponding equipment, as well as upgrading the operating system, in order to increase the strength of the systems in possible attacks; in malicious threats, the operating systems are Windows 2008, and upgrading the non-encrypted old databases (MSSQL 2008) that we have, pose data loss risks.
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But, so far it is not that easy to connect them to other databases like Oracle, MSSQL, Sap Hana and more.
xp_cmdshell is an extended stored procedure available in MSSQL which allows the administrator to run operating system level commands and get the desired output.
ASPHostPortal ASP.NET also include features like IIS full trust, Isolated Application Pool, MSSQL, MySQL, Plesk Control Panel, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer.
Provision of software development services by a variety of specialized personnel with a focus on microsoft technologies for new developments, extensions and adaptations of software in the following areas: - sw architecture, - project management, - project assistance, - c # development, - web development, - app development, - java development, - database (mssql) development, - sharepoint development, - user interface design, - it business consulting, - test services, - quality and test management in the context of retrieving individual services and pre-defined services on a daily basis. ASP.NET also include features like IIS full trust, Isolated Application Pool, MSSQL, MySQL, Plesk Control Panel, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer.
MSSQL 2014/2012, MySQL 5.4 with phpMyAdmin, and SQL backup/restore. supports the Windows Server 2012 and its older versions, IIS 8, ASP.NET 4.5 framework and its older versions, MSSQL 2012 and its older versions, free trial Windows Shared Hosting and many more.