Mstislav Aleksandrovich Tsiavlovskii

Tsiavlovskii, Mstislav Aleksandrovich


Born June 14 (26), 1883, in Nizhny Novgorod, now Gorky; died Nov. 11, 1947, in Moscow. Soviet literary scholar. Doctor of philology (1940).

Tsiavlovskii graduated from the philological division of the faculty of history and philology of Moscow University in 1910. His principal works deal with A. S. Pushkin. They include Pushkin in Print, 1814–1837 (with N. Siniavskii; 1914; 2nd ed., 1938); the important work Chronicle of the Life and Work of A. S. Pushkin (vol. 1, published 1951); and the articles “The Fate of Pushkin’s Manuscript Heritage” (1937) and “A Posthumous Search Through Pushkin” (published 1962), which are parts of an unpublished work entitled “A History of Pushkin’s Manuscripts.”

Tsiavlovskii was an editor of the collected works of Pushkin and of L. N. Tolstoy and helped write commentaries for the collections. Some of Tsiavlovskii’s works were coauthored by his wife and collaborator, T. G. Tsiavlovskaia.


Stat’i o Pushkine. [Foreword by S. Bondi.] Moscow, 1962. (Contains bibliography.)


Tsiavlovskaia, T. G. “O rabote nad ’Letopis’iu zhizni i tvorchestva Pushkina.’” Pushkin: Issledovaniia i materialy. Moscow-Leningrad, 1953.