Mstislav Vladimirovich

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Mstislav Vladimirovich


Died 1036. Ancient Russian prinಅ of Tmutarakan’ and Chernigov, the son of Grand Prince Vladimir Sviatoslavich of Kiev.

Around 988, Mstislav’s father made him prince of Tmutarakan’. In 1016 he fought against the Khazars, and in 1022 he subjugated the Adygs and imposed tribute on them. In 1023, Mstislav established his rule over the land of Chernigov. In 1024 his brother Iaroslav, prince of Kiev, tried to drive him out of Chernigov but was defeated; in 1026, Mstislav concluded a peace treaty with Iaroslav near Gorodets that extended his possessions to the Russian lands on the left bank of the Dnieper, with Chernigov as their center. In 1031, Mstislav conducted a joint campaign with Iaroslav against Poland and returned with many prisoners. After Mstislav’s death, his lands reverted to the Kievan state.


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Mstislav Vladimirovich


Born June 1, 1076; died Apr. 14, 1132. Ancient Russian prince, the eldest son of Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh and the daughter of King Harold II of England.

Mstislav Vladimirovich ruled the territories of Novgorod from 1088 to 1093 and again from 1095 to 1117; he ruled over Rostov and Smolensk from 1093 to 1095. He was prince of Belgorod, co-ruler of Kiev with Vladimir Monomakh from 1117 to 1125, and grand prince of Kiev from May 19, 1125, until the end of his life.

Mstislav Vladimirovich participated in military campaigns against the Polovtsy in 1093, 1107, and 1111. In 1129 he succeeded in pushing the hordes of the Polovtsy beyond the Don and the Volga. In 1096 he defeated the army of the Chernigov prince Oleg Sviatoslavich on the Koloksha River and thereby put an end to the latter’s expansionism. Mstislav Vladmirovich organized campaigns against the Chud’ in 1111, 1113, 1116, and 1130; against Polotsk in 1127 and 1129; and against Lithuania in 1131. During his reign many stone buildings and fortresses were erected in Novgorod and Kiev.


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