Mount Kinabalu

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Kinabalu or Kinibalu, Mount

(both: kĭn'əbəlo͞o`), peak, 13,455 ft (4,101 m) high, N Sabah, Malaysia, NE of Kota Kinabalu; highest peak on Borneo.
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She has climbed 88 Scottish Munro peaks, most of the Lake District mountains, plus Kilimanjaro and Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia.
She is waiting to discover if she will be charged with committing obscene acts in public Eleanor was among 10 trekkers who stripped on Mt Kinabalu.
JOKER Kaminski's tweet after his arrest over the prank on Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia
Porodong, Paul 2004 Impact of tourism on gender relations among communities living near Mt Kinabalu.
Bargains in Boulogne Pictures: ALAMY; Climb Mt Kinabalu
Nicholas, wife Alice, Jenny soon to be the daughter-in-law, Joseph, Felicia, and David Addy; below left, David on a US helicopter bound for Nong Bua Christian Hospital, Thailand; below centre, David with Roy Castle at the 40 Thieves nightclub, Bermuda, where Roy performed once a year; and below right, David at the summit of Mt Kinabalu Sabah
Jantien's incredible holiday win includes climbing the magnificent Mt Kinabalu, walking through tropical rainforests and sub-alpine vegetation, soaking in the natural Poring Hot Springs, and visiting Turtle Island and an orangutan reserve.
Climbing Mt Kinabalu in Borneo is my highest mountain yet.
At more than 4,000 metres, Mt Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South-East Asia and is set in a 750-square kilometre national park.
She is believed to have frozen to death; SEARCHERS: Members of the rescue team of police and rangers; SAD TRAIL: Route they took; TRAGEDY: Ellie James and Mt Kinabalu