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Any of various glycoproteins, similar to mucins but differing in solubilities and precipitation properties and found in cartilage, in the crystalline lens, and in white of egg.
Resembling mucus.
Pertaining to large colonies of bacteria characterized by being moist and sticky.



an obsolete term applied to carbohydrate-protein compounds present in a variety of biological matter, such as egg white, cornea, cartilage, vitelline membranes of amphibian and invertebrate eggs, synovia of the joints, secretions of the salivary glands, ovarian cysts, and blood plasma. In view of their chemical structure, it has been suggested that mucoids be called mucopolysaccharides or glycoproteins.

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The limitation in this case was the unavailability of gene analysis specifically for rmpA gene (regulator of mucoid phenotype) and siderophore biosynthetic genes which are helpful in diagnosis.
The results of this study showed that the ethanolic extracts of oregano exhibited antibacterial properties as indicated by their ability to inhibit nonmucoid and mucoid clinical isolates of P.
pylori in middle ear effusion Patient Age Sex Middle ear Nature of No (Year) effusion effusion fluid 1 4 F Bilateral Mucoid 2 5 M Unilateral Mucoid 3 6 F Bilateral Serous 4 6 M Bilateral Mucoid 5 12 M Bilateral Mucoid 6 8 F Bilateral Mucoid 7 3 M Bilateral Mucoid 8 5 F Bilateral Mucoid 9 4 F Bilateral Mucoid 10 4 F Bilateral Mucoid 11 6 M Bilateral Serous 12 5 M Bilateral Mucoid 13 4 F Bilateral Mucoid 14 6 F Bilateral Mucoid 15 6 M Bilateral Mucoid 16 5 M Bilateral Mucoid 17 7 F Bilateral Mucoid 18 3 M Bilateral Mucoid 19 9 M Bilateral Mucoid 20 7 M Bilateral Mucoid 21 2 M Unilateral Mucoid Patient Tympanometry H.
Mucoid and purulent nasal discharges are caused by the presence of foreign matter such as grasses or weeds in the nose - this usually results in sneezing and pawing at the nose when first inhaled but over time you may only see nasal discharge and occasional sneezing.
On the basis of observation and their location, the neoplasms were tentatively identified as mucoid cysts.
On ultrasound, a developmental cyst appears as a unilocular or multilocular retrorectal cystic lesion, sometimes with internal echoes due to mucoid material or inflammatory debris.
anthracis Colony on blood agar Mucoid and orange Gray-white to white Spore production - + (central) Motility + - Hemolysis on blood agar - - Penicillin susceptibility + + Catalase production + + Indole production - - Growth at 4[degrees]C + - Anaerobic growth + + Cutaneous infection Ulcer, black eschar, Eschar, malignant blister pustule Other infections None reported Intestinal anthrax, pulmonary anthrax, meningitis * +, present; -, absent.
Clinical signs were sneezing, coughing, and mucoid nasal and ocular discharge.
In addition appeared opaque transparent or translucent mucoid or non mucoid with entire edges and convex (Oren et al.
1 It was described by Billorth in 1859 for a group of tumours of the salivary gland that contained varying amounts of mucoid and cartilaginous material.
Bacillus subtilis (nonmucoid strain) and mucoid isolates Bacillus T and F were inoculated in 1% starch broth or skimmed milk broth and incubated at 37[degrees]C.
Results showed that two of the "natural" stone formers possessed large quantities of mucoid substances that were not present in any of the other participants.