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see landslidelandslide,
rapid slipping of a mass of earth or rock from a higher elevation to a lower level under the influence of gravity and water lubrication. More specifically, rockslides are the rapid downhill movement of large masses of rock with little or no hydraulic flow, similar to
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a thin (up to 1 m thick) soil layer or drift and eluvial formation that moves (flows) down a slope under the influence of gravity as a result of saturation by meltwater, rainwater, or groundwater until it assumes a mudlike state. Mud-flows usually occur on smooth, unsodded slopes and on railroad embankments.


A flowing mass of fine-grained earth material having a high degree of fluidity during movement.


Movement of soft weak soil having the consistency of mud.
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The road situation after the rainfalls is reported as on August 8 due to mud flow and landslides, Karakoram Highway (KKH) was blocked at Attabad Tunnel (one way is open)
In other words, the variation trend of the rotating speed is the same as that of the mud flow rate, which, from another aspect, further verifies that the data collected by the sensor are correct and can meet practical working conditions.
However, the complicated nature of underwater environment and the detection of the mud flow that can only be conducted at the mud outlet cause serious hysteresis in gas kick detection results.
Christmas travel could become tricky in southern California as the second wet weather pattern in just a few days is expected to hit Friday. Los Angeles International Airport reported flight delays Wednesday as rain battered the region and another storm led by a cold front was following closely behind, bringing with it more heavy rain and high winds. Residents have been warned that areas recently burned by wildfires could be more susceptible to landslides and mud flow when the rain hits sloped landscapes.
New assembly lines as mud slide cross and dismantling of the existing Rohschlammbeschickungs- and mud flow lines.
The housing is constructed with dual water ports that deliver up to 70 gpm at 800 psi of mud flow to effectively carry cuttings out of the bore hole.
Among the topics are harmonic analysis: six-segment downhole acoustic waveguide, transient constant area surface and downhole wave models, signal processor design and additional noise models, downhole turbine design and short wind tunnel testing, and siren design and evaluation in mud flow loops and wind tunnels.
Search and rescue works are underway, however mud flow masses make it difficult to conduct them.
Among the team is Richard Villar, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon based in Cambridge, who has previously led surgical teams in gRTlobal disaster projects in earthquake-hit Haiti and Kashmir and the East Java mud flow.
The reason of this poor procedure was due to a limited time available in emergency conditions to safe people and existing infrastructures from hot mud flow. Land subsidence and mud pressure have occurred since the beginning of the eruption.
The CFD analysis was carried out at different mud flow rate and drilling fluid properties were measured experimentally and used in the analysis.
The results of electric log analysis, coring and visual observations of cuttings and mud flow from the well have allowed a positive assessment of a prospective oil flow from the well to the extent that a 700m lateral section is planned to commence on or about the 17th of December 2011.