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(mo͞ofä'dälēät`) or


(mō–), great Arabic anthology compiled by the celebrated philologist Al Mufaddal ad-Dabbi (d. c.775). It contains 126 poems, some complete odes, others fragmentary. They are all of the Golden Age of Arabic poetry (500–650) and are the best collection of poems of that period by different authors. There are 67 authors, two of them Christian. The oldest poems in the collection date from c.500. The collection is a valuable source concerning pre-Islamic Arab life.


See tr. by Sir Charles Lyall (3 vol., 1921–24).

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Una de las victimas, segun sabemos gracias a las Mufaddaliyat, traducidas por el orientalista ingles Lyall, fue uno de los mas grandes poetas de la Arabia preislamica: Abid b.
Mufaddaliyat, Al- ("The Examination of al-Mufaddal") Anthology of ancient Arabic poems, compiled between 762 and 784 by al-Mufaddal ibn Muhammad ibn Ya`lah al-Dabbi for his student, the prince (and future caliph) al-Mahdi.