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large, carnivorous reptile of the order Crocodilia, found in tropical and subtropical regions. Crocodiles live in swamps or on river banks and catch their prey in the water. They have flattened bodies and tails, short legs, and powerful jaws.
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A mugger does not care to be called a father of jackals, and the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut said as much--and a great deal more which there is no use in repeating here.
That made matters rather worse, for what the Jackal hinted at was that the Mugger must have eaten his food on that land-march fresh and fresh every day, instead of keeping it by him till it was in a fit and proper condition, as every self-respecting mugger and most wild beasts do when they can.
The Mugger must have been grateful for the interruption, because he went on, with a rush:
Five times, one after another" (the Mugger must have met with an old-fashioned revolver); "and I stayed open- mouthed and gaping, my head in the smoke.
"Not before the fifth shot," said the Mugger, as though he had never dreamed of stunning one of his listeners--" not before the fifth shot did I sink, and I rose in time to hear a boatman telling all those white women that I was most certainly dead.
I do NOT desire that any children of thine should know that the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut took his only wound from a woman.
"Indeed, very many things happened," said the Mugger, beaten in his second attempt that night to get the better of his friend.(Neither bore malice, however.
A little killing here and there is no bad thing--but even the Mugger is sometimes satisfied, as the saying is."
"That little white child which I did not get," said the Mugger, with a deep sigh.
"How can a jackal hunt with a Mugger?" said the Adjutant coolly.
Friend, those heavy-footed, foolish English are coming to speak with the Mugger."
The Mugger was lying on the sand-bar as still as his own shadow, his fore-feet spread out a little, his head dropped between them, snoring like a--mugger.