Mughal architecture

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Mogul architecture

The later phase of Indian Islamic architecture, named after the Mogul dynasty (1526–1707), typified by monumental palaces and mosques and detailed decorative work. The Taj Mahal is the most famous example.
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Color and Decoration in Mughal Architecture in India and Pakistan.
Mughal architecture in its ultimate style of amalgamating various art and architectural forms appears to have reached its pinnacle during the 100 years or so across the reigns of Akbar and his grandson, Shah Jahan.
The garden presents a glimpse of Mughal architecture as its design was inspired by the historic Mughal gardens in Pakistan, according to organizers here.
Photographs simply don't do the Badshahi Mosque justice, its classic Mughal architecture and spacious surrounds are a wonder for the senses.
The Samadhi architecture of Potohar is greatly inspired by Mughal architecture. The domes, arches and even the false jharoka all reflect Mughal influence.
Artistes Rana Zahid and Saima Zaidi displayed a 335 stainless steel jharokhas, an overhanging used in Mughal architecture as enclosed balcony.
He failed to mention why this masterpiece of Mughal architecture and one of India's most recognizable structures, should not adorn these promotional pages?
About 290 feet long and 33 feet wide founded over 26 big and small pillars; the unique bridge is a wonderful symbol of Mughal architecture under which 12 spillways had been built for water flow where tall Bodhi trees with deep roots could also be seen around the old construction.
(27) On the adoption of the purna ghata in Mughal architecture see R.
In Lahore, they were fascinated to see Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort -- the epitome of Mughal architecture. After spending two days in Lahore meeting locals and savouring all the delicious food, they headed to the capital of Pakistan on November 14 in a train from Lahore Railway Station.
ISLAMABAD:A three-member delegation of British Backpacker Society (BBS), who visited Badshahi Mosque Lahore on Friday, said it was an incredible example of Mughal architecture and undoubtedly one of the top sights in South Asia.
The historic building is the last remnant of Mughal architecture in downtown Multan which has witnessed harsh weather conditions and destruction from time to time.