Mugutin Charinov

Charinov, Mugutin


Born May 23, 1893, in the village of Khurukra, in what is now Laka Raion, Dagestan ASSR; died 1936. Soviet Lak poet.

Charinov studied at the Baku Agricultural Institute from 1921 to 1927 and became a research worker at the Dagestan Scientific Research Institute in the early 1930’s. Charinov began his literary career in 1910. he wrote lyric poetry, as well as the first Lak plays, for example, Gabibat and Gadzhiiav (1919) and Shagalai (1929), which deal with women’s education. Charinov also translated the fables of I. A. Krylov and the poetry of N. A. Nekrasov and M. Iu. Lermontov.


Iazi buvg”umi. Makhachkala, 1965.
In Russian translation:
Gornye tsvety: Stikhi. Makhachkala, 1970.
Zvezdy ne gasnut. Moscow. 1974.


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