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Muhammad Ahmad:

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[Arab.,=he who is divinely guided], in Sunni Islam, the restorer of the faith. He will appear at the end of time to restore justice on earth and establish universal Islam. The Mahdi will be preceded by al-Dajjal, a Muslim antichrist, who will be slain by Jesus.
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District President ANP Barrister Arshad Abdullah, District General Secretary Muhammad Ahmed Khan, ex MPA Bashir Khan Umerzai, Tehsin Ullah, District Councilor Mian Saleem Shah, Fateh Ullah, Syed Baqir Shah, Yousaf Khan Manzoorzai, office bearers and large numbers of workers were present on the occasion.
I am also thankful to my companions Burhanullah and Muhammad Ahmed Mubashir, who managed the walk route," he said.
Mohammed Miah, 22, Mohammed Hussain, 23, Motahir Rahman, 24, Muhammad Ahmed, 23, and Dedar Ali, 21, all from Camden, London, admitted conspiracy to con 11 victims, some aged in their 80s.
In a statement issued here Saturday, Regional Chairman All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA) Muhammad Ahmed said this and added the decision will help reduce cost of textile production and increase Pakistani textile products.
Chairman NADRA, Muhammad Ahmed Tajwar, Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan Kazi Abdul Muktadir and Managing Director of Pakistan Software Export Board Asim Shahryar Husain will accompany the PTA Chief.
Duhok police said Muhammad Ahmed Ali turned himself in, while Farhad Safar Abdullah was handed over to police by his family.
In the village of Yatta, south of Hebron, Israeli soldiers arrested Muhammad Ahmed Abu Sabheh and Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Ubeid and took them to an unknown location after raiding their homes and searching their belongings.
On Jan 16, an Egyptian state security court, amid heavy protection, convicted Muhammad Ahmed Hassanein, more commonly known as Hamam el-Kamouny, 39, for the "premeditated murder" of the seven people who were killed during the shooting last January, as well as for the "attempted murder" of nine others who were wounded.
Yemen Handed down on Monday death sentence to Hisham Muhammad Ahmed Asim, 19, after convicting him of killing a Frenchman under criminal motives and under incitement from Al-Qaeda propagandist Anwar Al-Awlaki last year.
Committee convener Yasmeen Rehman took serious notice of the delay in payments to eligible people under BISP, and directed the secretary of the Ministry of Postal Services, Muhammad Ahmed Mian, to put in place computerised system in post offices to maintain a check and balance and ensure transparency in the disbursement of the amount under BISP.
Lahore June 21 (ANI): Pakistan's Information and Broadcasting Minister Qamaruz Zaman Kaira has denied any link with the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) leader Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi.
The head of the Martyrs and Political Prisoners' Commission in the Iraqi Parliament, Muhammad Ahmed, told a news conference late on Sunday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad that according to the new bill all victims of the former regime will be compensated indiscriminately.