Muhammad Hatta

Hatta, Muhammad


Born Aug. 12, 1902, in Bukittinggi, in western Sumatra. Indonesian political and state figure.

Hatta was a leader of the national movement against Dutch colonial domination. He was vice-president of the Republic of Indonesia from 1945 to 1956, and he led the Indonesian delegation at the Round Table Conference of 1949. Hatta was prime minister three times—in 1948, in 1949, and in 1949 and 1950. He voiced the opinions and defended the interests of the right-wing bourgeoisie. After retiring from the vice-presidency in December 1956, Hatta had no further association with the government.

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The Islamic Republic of Iran has made great achievements in different fields, including nanotechnology, medicine and peaceful use of the nuclear technology, despite the unilateral and oppressive sanctions of the West," Kouchakzadeh said in a meeting with Indonesian Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta in Jakarta on Saturday.
On Friday, Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta said that, We will build a nuclear reactor for generating power.
The leader of the delegation, Muhammad Hatta, told the media, "We were keen to promote bilateral trade between the two brotherly countries.