see KhorramshahrKhorramshahr
, city (1991 pop. 34,750), Khuzestan prov., SW Iran, at the confluence of the Karun River and the Shatt al Arab, near the Persian Gulf. It is a busy port. Its development dates to the late 19th cent., when steam navigation on the Karun was started.
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, Iran.
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In the 1940 Introduction, he writes about the period that ended in 1920, and says that since these dispatches, Sultan Abdul Hamid has gone, so has Sheikh Khazal, the emir of the Muhammerah, who was the opposite of the dictatorial shah.
There is a chapter entitled "NOTE ON THE TRIBAL AUTHORITY OF THE SHEIKHS OF MUHAMMERAH AND KUWEIT IN THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES," for which I found a translation in an Arabic book entitled Forgotten Pages of the History of the Arabian Peninsula.
The copyist of the present manuscript, the Mandaean priest Yahia Bihram, son of Adam Yuhana, of the Kamisia clan, completed it in the Iranian city of Khorramshahr (then known as Muhammerah) in the year 1832.