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Mula (the root) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. The goddess of destruction, Niritti, presides, and the planet Ketu rules over this Nakshatra found from Sagittarius 0° to 13°20’. This is said to be a good time to create something anew, like a garden; an individual may be a better politician and have better fortune during this period, but also may be more unstable or self-destructive.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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Arineta Mula became the sweetheart of the small Balkans country after she climbed Mount Blanc, Matterhorn and lastly Mount Everest, and now she quit her regular job to start taking tours with the top adventure tourism company Balkan Natural Adventure.
You cannot have a dialogue with rebels within the country when the group who fight does not have amnesty," said Pastor Mula.
Aunque en el imaginario colectivo persista la idea de que Jesus nacio en un establo--entre mulas y vacas--, en el Nuevo Testamento ningun evangelista menciona tal cosa.
Immediately the state irrigation authorities began the process of releasing water from Mula dam in Ahmednagar district, 20-odd activists of the Shivrajya Party plunged themselves into the downstream of the dam and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the flow of water which was gushing out from the seven doors of the barrage.
It said the brutal incident was a result of a dispute between two rebel commanders Mula Sead Gul and Mula Wali Mohammad over the two women slaughtered by the Taliban.
El interes por los hibridos mamiferos es tan viejo como la historia misma, la mula es mencionada en el Genesis y por grandes civilizaciones como el imperio Romano, los Fenicios, los Babilonios entre otros.
The Macedonian translation of the humanitarian's autobiography written by her personal biographer Dom Lush Gjergji will be part of this anniversary and a huge concert will be organized at which soprano Inva Mula will perform.
Over the past several decades, however, a number of women practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, ordained as Mula novice nuns, have sought and obtained full-ordination following Dharmaguptaka Vinaya procedures preserved in Chinese Mahayana Buddhist societies.
I enjoy reading your magazine from cover to cover, but my favorite articles are ones by writer Rose Madeline Mula.
Ante la imposibilidad de hacerse cargo de su manutencion de manera indefinida, el 16 de enero de 1865 dicto la Orden Especial de Campo numero 15, en la cual se decretaba que todos los negros que fueran jefes de familia recibirian como compensacion, y para asegurar su sosten, 40 acres (16 hectareas) de tierras cultivables --abandonadas por los confederados a causa de la guerra-- y una mula.
Dhola Mula, Matonga, Chandmoni, Bar Madhava, Monohar Sali, Ranjit, Mala and Hathi Sali and their 28 Fl progenies.
Adicionalmente, realizo entrevistas en profundidad semi-estructuradas con diez mujeres procesadas por delitos de drogas y tres encarceladas por haber hecho un trabajo de mula.