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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Mula (the root) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. The goddess of destruction, Niritti, presides, and the planet Ketu rules over this Nakshatra found from Sagittarius 0° to 13°20’. This is said to be a good time to create something anew, like a garden; an individual may be a better politician and have better fortune during this period, but also may be more unstable or self-destructive.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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Al reparto se anade Andy Garcia en papel de capo, y eso cuenta pues el guion ofrece muy poco espacio para que estos buenos actores desarrollen sus papeles; los policias se comportan como tales, estereotipos que solo cumplen su deber, y lo mismo ocurre con los narcos; vista asi, Mula suena mal, como un thriller menor que ademas de dar un mensaje ambiguo en relacion a las drogas, apoya los prejuicios contra el latino, mexicano peligroso al que mas vale mantener del otro lado de la Gran Muralla.
Kumuha tayo ng lakas mula sa kanilang halimbawa, sa panahong pasan ng ating bayan ang bigat ng maraming pagsubok, katulad ng mataas na presyo ng mga pangunahing bilihin.
'Paskong Pasasalamat mula sa PAGCOR at WINFORD MANILA is our way of reciprocating to the local community that has supported us from day one,' said Evora.
class="MsoNormalA police report seen the Nation states that Mr Mula was found dead inside his black Toyota Harrier, registration KBX 353 F.
Mula argued before the court that Mujahid had not been given a fair trial, which is his basic constitutional right, including access to a lawyer who can defend him in the court against the allegations levelled against him.
Mula was arrested on Sunday evening after he was allegedly mentioned by Oduor.
The sources said if disqualified MPA Abdul Munim was not awarded the party ticket, his younger brother, Abdul Mula, was likely to be fielded in the constituency.
Decades later, Mula's wedding portrait remained the centre of attention with a great deal of admiring gazes and comments as it welcomed her granddaughter's guests, while occupying a centre-stage location at Moushira Ramadan's residence.
[ClickPress, Thu Mar 01 2018] Balkan Natural Adventure an adventure tourism company from Kosovo has entered an agreement with one of the star hikers of the country Arineta Mula, in order to do a promotional walk in the Peaks of the Balkans tour, and invite more women to become mountain guides.
The injured include Sobho Khan, Gulzar Ali, Kafeel Ahmed, Ali Akbar, Farzana, Ghulam Ali s/o Mula Noordin, Karmaan w/o Mula Noordin and 5-year Shahneela D/O Mohammad Ali.
This came in a joint press conference with the Official Working Body of the Political Bureau of the PUK Mula Boukttiar , and said after a meeting with the political bureau of the Union, pointing out that he is keen to strengthen relations with all Kurdish parties.