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, mulla, mollah
(formerly) a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect



in Islam, a learned teacher or expounder of religious law and doctrines; usually chosen by a group of believers from among their own number.

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Al Mulla will be up against 20 other amateurs, including 10 from Saudi Arabia, this week.
Taliban sources said that a five-member delegation of Ulema Council of senior clerics including Maulvi Ahmad as its head and Hafiz Rasheed Ahmad, Maulvi Sheikh Ahmadullah Jan, Sheikh Qasim and Sheikh Abdul Sattar had initially held a meeting with Mulla Mansour and his close aides.
Al Mulla launched her frozen yogurt store concept in the MENA region in 2008, which developed to 22 units in 18 months.
For 2015 we are planning a number of retention initiatives aimed at improving the companies' approach, and also the attitudes of the Emirati community as a whole towards the private sector," said Al Mulla.
According to news agency WAM, Al Mulla also said ENDP has employed 13,000 nationals in the private sector so far, adding that this momentum should increase to achieve a target of doubling the Emiratisation rate in the private sector.
Giving details about the seminar, Mulla said the Minister of Development Planning and Statistics HE Saleh Mohammad al Nabit will open the seminar with a key note speech on the national identity in the light of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
The minister said Abdul Qadir Mulla remained patriotic to pre 1971 Pakistan and his hanging has once again reminded Pakistanis of the wounds of separation of East Pakistan.
In his opening speech before the forum of senior executives in the telecommunications sector in the world at the end of the second leadership program, which was held here today under the title "Meet Leaders of Telecommunications Sector", the Minister Mulla said that the State has taken significant and practical steps for the development of this sector by the restructure and development of it to keep pace with local and global challenges in this regard.
Mulla Mustafa tried to gain a special status for the Barzanis in Iran.
We also want the government to regulate airline fares so that the consumers are not exploited," Travel Agents Association of India (TI) president Iqbal Mulla said.
When Mulla tried to react, other MPs pulled them apart.
After refusing to apologize, Saadi then beat Mulla with his walking stick and other MPs rushed in to break up the fight.