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, mulla, mollah
(formerly) a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect
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in Islam, a learned teacher or expounder of religious law and doctrines; usually chosen by a group of believers from among their own number.

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Khamenei isn't alone among mullahs to properly budget his vocal sorties.
I think mullahs have as much right to talk about whatever they wish as do academics, columnists, taxi-drivers and grave-diggers.
In fact, only a minority of political mullahs, people like Khamenei or Makarem, are involved in the confused and confusing power game that has been playing in Tehran since Khomeini, helped by his Marxist and Stalinist allies, seized power in 1979.
Despite being humiliated by the mullahs, the EU still wants to dance.
There is the failed path of appeasing the mullahs by offering them incentives, which will ultimately lead to Iran adding nuclear weapons to menacing fundamentalism in a lethal mix.
The EU must adopt a firm policy towards the mullahs in order to ensure its nuclear programme is truly peaceful, while supporting the Iranian people to bring about democratic change in Iran.
In a country where foreign meddling in Iranian affairs is cast as the greatest bogeyman of all, the impression of American interference only plays into the mullahs' hands.
The Shah was overthrown but was replaced by the mullahs, who promised freedom, with Ayatollah Khomeini stating that he did not wish to be in power allowing the country to be ruled by the people.
However, before long the mullahs violently cracked down on opposition groups using members of Ansar-eHezbollah.
Thousands of members of the PMOI were jailed following a demonstration of more than 500,000 people in Teheran in 1981 as the mullahs began to crack down on opposition.
'The mullahs ruling the country today are as equally fundamentalist as the mullahs that took over after the revolution in 1979.
'Hundreds of thousands of good, innocent people have been killed at the hands of the mullahs simply because they have agreed with their Islamic fundamentalism and during two months alone in 1988 30,000 prisoners were executed.