Müller, Wilhelm

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Müller, Wilhelm

(vĭl`hĕlm' mŭl`ər), 1794–1827, German lyric poet; father of Max MüllerMüller, Max
(Friedrich Maximilian Müller, Friedrich Max Müller, or Friedrich Max-Müller) , 1823–1900, German philologist and Orientalist, b. Dessau; son of the poet Wilhelm Müller.
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. His Lieder der Griechen (5 vol., 1821–24) was inspired by the Greek struggle for independence. Müller's love-song cycle Die schöne Müllerin (1823) was set to music by Franz SchubertSchubert, Franz Peter
, 1797–1828, Austrian composer, one of the most gifted musicians of the 19th cent. His symphonic works represent the best legacy of the classical tradition, while his songs exemplify the height of romantic lyricism.
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Müller, Wilhelm


Born Oct. 7, 1794, in Dessau; died there Sept. 30, 1827. German author.

The son of a shoemaker, Müller studied philology, philosophy, and history at the University of Berlin. He served in the Prussian Army during the war against Napoleon (1813–14). In 1816 he published his Anthology of Minnesingers, a collection of poetry inspired by ancient German love songs. He published his impressions of travels in Italy in his epistolary work Rome, Roman Men and Women (vols. 1–2, 1820). Between 1821 and 1824, Müller published well-known cycles of poems about the plight of Greece under the Turkish yoke. He was the author of more than 300 epigrams in the spirit of Goethe’s and Schiller’s Xenien.


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