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cultural pluralism,

a term describing the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. By making the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people, multiculturalism seeks to overcome racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination.


the acknowledgement and promotion of cultural pluralism. In opposition to the tendency in modern societies to cultural unification and universalization, multiculturalism both celebrates and seeks to protect cultural variety (e.g. minority languages), while at the same time focusing on the often unequal relationship of minority to mainstream cultures. After decades of persecution, the prospects of indigenous or immigrant cultures are now helped somewhat by the support they receive from international public opinion and the international community (e.g. the United Nations). see also PLURAL SOCIETY.


(pop culture)

During comics’ Golden Age (1938–1954), the nascent medium of superhero comic books was overrun with cultural stereotypes, a manifestation of societal prejudices widely, and sometimes innocently, held at the time. Captain Aero’s “little Chinese pal,” Chop Suey; the Lone Ranger’s “faithful Indian companion,” Tonto; and Mandrake the Magician’s “obedient African aide”, Lothar, were among the characters that marginalized the value of minorities.

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Literature reviews and case studies will be used as the main research methods to demonstrate the consumer generated media's role for multicultural organizations to manage so-called "mutually beneficial" relationships with multicultural publics.
SFMC strives to be a relevant experiential program in the 21st century and to truly be a multicultural organization.
Ospina recognizes that a "truly multicultural organization may never be fully accomplished" (1).
Other support efforts that help achieve the goal of the multicultural organization also exist.
A Highland High School multicultural organization promotes racial harmony and motivates students to stay away from gangs and drugs.
This report outlines 11 goals and 39 strategies for moving our Agency to a multicultural organization.
It is also axiomatic that mirroring the best multicultural organization ensures that greater economic opportunity is extended to all segments of society.
Based in the Netherlands, we are a multicultural organization serving customers throughout the world with coatings, chemicals and human and animal healthcare products.
Global Solutions is a multicultural organization, with more than 1400 employees, working in over 40 countries and speaking more than 15 languages.
Speros had an extensive career in a number of leadership positions in marketing communications and advertising at AT&T, ultimately serving as vice president, Advertising & Marketing Communications, for AT&T's Business Services division and the Consumer Services Multicultural organization.
Learners were recruited from local multicultural organizations and immigrant service providers.

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