power strip

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power strip

An electricity distribution device that turns one AC wall outlet into several. Power strips may or may not include surge suppression circuits, and many strips leave room for the myriad power adapters that accompany products. See power distribution unit, power adapter and surge suppression.

Room for "Warts"
Many power strips leave room for one or more "wall warts;" slang for the power adapter blocks that come with many electronics products.

Save Energy
Even power saving mode uses electricity. Attached to a motion sensor (bottom), this Watt Stopper has two regular outlets and six that turn off when you leave the room. The computer can stay on, while lights, monitor and printer are shut off. (Image courtesy of Legrand Companies, www.wattstopper.com)

Designed for Racks
Power strips are widely used in equipment racks to distribute power to all the devices. Sophisticated units turn devices on and off (see power distribution unit). (Image courtesy of American Power Conversion Corporation.)
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While some higher-priced facial moisturizers are still performing well, anti-aging facial moisturizers are in a slump overall, with multioutlet dollar sales down 4 percent, according to IRI data for the 52-week period ending Oct.
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Multioutlet emitters have up to 12 outlets per head.
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