Multiple Master

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Multiple Master

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(Or "Multiple Master Font") A font that is a mixture of two or more other fonts.

A Multiple Master font is a single font containing from two to sixteen master designs (the current implementation limit). A weight factor specifies the contribution of each master design for the creation of a multiple master font instance.

A Multiple Master instance is a single interpolation of a multiple master font as created by a user or application.

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Multiple Master

A font technology from Adobe that allows a typeface to be generated in different styles, from condensed to expanded and from light to heavy. Multiple Master can generate fonts that are more optically correct at both extremes in size from very small to very large than standard Type 1 fonts.
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The Distiller, said Cosimini, can recognize a non-ISO Latin font that multiple master cannot simulate.
0 allows for the easy implementation of distributed machine control, diagnostics and user interfaces in a multiple master module environment, while, due to the new Qcode editor, requiring minimal programming skills from the user.
0 supports a variety of font formats, including Web Open Font Format (WOFF), OpenType fonts, Multiple Master Postscript Fonts, and Type1 fonts, and provides an optional Android wrapper add-on which enables an Android application developer to use Font Fusion's fast, high quality font rendering in an Android environment.
Ultera Systems, a manufacturer of high-end tape mirroring and CD mastering equipment, has announced the release of the CD-R MultiMaster2 for producing multiple master CDs on a low-cost platform.
Vacation rental selections include two, three and four-bedroom condos and town homes, as well as single-family estate homes with up to seven bedrooms and amenities such as private pools, in-home game rooms and home theatres, multiple master bedrooms, resort facilities and choices to meet any style and budget.
Travelers opting for the two free hot air balloon rides can choose from a selection of featured Disney area vacation homes that range from 3 to 7 bedrooms with choice vacation rental amenities such as private pools and spas, themed kids' bedrooms, home theatres, game rooms and multiple master bedrooms.
Luxury vacation home amenities include private pools with spas, multiple master bedroom suites, fully-equipped kitchens, flat screen TVs, TV/DVD combos in every bedroom, computers with high speed and wireless Internet access, game rooms and home theater rooms.
Design features will include private pools, hot tubs, multiple master bedroom suites, game rooms, offices as well as home theatre rooms.
Students develop reports that range from simple listing reports to complex reports using grouping, report parameters, multiple master pages, hyperlinks, and a variety of data sources.
Homes feature amenities such as private pools/spas, game rooms with pool tables, home theatres, entertainment systems, gourmet kitchens, luxurious linens and towels, a washer and dryer, and multiple master bedrooms.

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