Multiple Virtual Storage

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Multiple Virtual Storage

(operating system)
(MVS) Release 2 of OS/VS2, called MVS because it had multiple 16 MB virtual address spaces, in contrast to SVS. MVS ran on the IBM 390 series mainframes. It became MVS/SP, then MVS/XA (with 31-bit addressing) and then MVS/ESA.

MVS/Open Edition (MVS/OE), aimed at the growing open systems market, added TCP/IP and Unix support in an MVS address space, allowing users to run IBM, CICS-type applications, batch applications and Unix.

MVS/ESA was repackaged as OS/390 as a marketing exercise but it's basically the same thing.

Version: 5.1.

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The first version of ADSM provided the backup function for distributed systems to MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) and VM mainframe servers.
Prior to the consolidation drive, each of our 17 data centers had its own IBM mainframe using either the MVS (multiple virtual storage), VM (virtual machine) or DOS/VSE (disk operating system/virtual storage extended) operating system.
* Support for MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) data sets including VSAM

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