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(1) (Monochrome Display Adapter) The first IBM PC monochrome video display standard for text. Due to its lack of graphics, MDA cards were often replaced with Hercules cards, which included graphics. See Hercules Graphics and VGA.

(2) (Model Driven Architecture) See Object Management Architecture.

(3) (Mechanical Design Automation) Applications that help automate the design and engineering processes from concept to manufacturing. Automotive, aerospace and discrete manufacturing are examples of industries that use MDA.

(4) (Modular Digital Architecture) An earlier snap-together, building-block approach for adding peripherals to a PC from NeoSystems, Inc.
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To determine which socialization factors most clearly differentiated the students in the three financial identity clusters, we performed a three-group multiple discriminant analysis.
In addition, multiple discriminant analysis showed that six creative dimensions could be distinguished between the two groups of cognitive thinkers.
Multiple Discriminant Analysis (MDA) was used to classify the accountants that underreport (> 0%) time from those that do not (0%) using the variables previously discussed.
Multiple discriminant analysis used to classify French and German grape brandies and French cognacs.
For discussions of multiple discriminant analysis and logit, which have been used extensively in previous insolvency studies, see BarNiv and Hershbarger (1990).
A stepwise multiple discriminant analysis was computed in order to determine value and importance of these variables for discriminating among the three employment status groups.
Bias in Multiple Discriminant Analysis," Journal of Marketing Research, August 1965, 250-258.

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